Station Tavern

About This Project

The Station Tavern is a large busy pub situated in the heart of Lytham, they recently underwent a massive 180k refurbishment in order to accommodate for their ever expanding customer base.

The Station Tavern is now a prime place in Lytham for dining and entertaining. As part of their huge refurbishment, Acme were contracted to revamp their existing kitchen. After undertaking a site survey, Acme were tasked with redesigning the kitchen area and ventilation system as well as installing a wide range of refrigeration and catering equipment. Our design team worked with the client until they were happy with the layout of the kitchen.

Our dedicated HVAC team then went to install the kitchen ventilation system while our sales team worked with the client in order to establish what equipment not only best utilised the space within the kitchen but met the needs of the busy pub.

Our clients at The Station Tavern were happy with the overall results and the fact that our team worked with them every step of the way to ensure that their every need and requirements were met.


Station Tavern

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