Blizzard Air Cooling System


How You Can Save Your Business 30% On Your Annual Cellar Cooler Electric Bill


Here at Acme we know how expensive it can be to run cellar coolers, that is why we have come up with our very own Blizzard range of cellar coolers with energy efficiency and cost reduction in mind. We have been selling the Blizzard Air Cooling System for a few months now and it has proven very successful.


What Is It?

The Blizzard Air Cooling system operates by monitoring outdoor ambient temperatures, and when conditions are favourable, cold ambient air is transferred from outside into the desired area via a low wattage fan.



  • Studies indicate that suitable ambient conditions are available for as much as 60% of the time.
  • Reduces the need for high energy consuming refrigeration systems
  • Lower carbon footprint, providing a more sustainable cooling solution
  • It will save you money! Even though the cooler is at its most efficient in winter, savings will still be achieved through autumn and spring seasons.


Our specially designed intake vent is fully adjustable, and able to fit to any thickness of wall.It can also be adapted to suit below ground stores, subject to a site survey.


Darwen Golf Club

Darwen Golf Club is a busy Daniel Thwaites free trade outlet situated on exposed moorland above Darwen, and as such is extremely susceptible to the elements, in addition to the daily trade a golf club creates, there is also a busy function room, and therefore a reliable cooling system is essential.


As a result of this we installed the Blizzard Free Air Cooling System. Their existing inefficient system cost them 2.21 kw per hour, the cost with our new system is just 0l.11 kw per hour with an expected annual saving of approximately 300.


Lister Arms

The Lister Arms is a traditional Daniel Thwaites pub with letting rooms in a country setting, catering for hikers and regulars alike with a fine food reputation. Offering a great selection of cask ales, cellar temperature control is paramount to prevent quality and dispense issues.


Acme were asked to install the Blizzard Air Cooling System, up until which a conventional cellar cooling system was in place which cost 3.68 kw per hour to run. Once our team installed the Blizzard system, the cost per hour fell to 0.55 kw per hour, resulting in a massive saving of 3.13 kw per hour. Over the initial 6 month period this equated to asaving of 501.52.


The system is so efficient and reliable, we have now installed several hundred systems nationwide, and have had major breweries opting to have the system installed in all of their houses through the UK.


For more information about our Blizzard Air Cooling System give a member of our sales team a call today on 01254 277999.